Building A&B Camden Market

We spent 10 months working on Stables Market in Camden, London, creating stunning lighting and state of the art electrics for buildings A&B. We designed the whole lighting layout for the 62 offices, working alongside Broadlands Construction to create a bespoke and contemporary working environment, fitting in well with Camden’s eclectic surroundings.

Our team planned and installed a Business Management System (BMS) which had integrated controls for the lighting and heating which can be operated via iPhones and iPads.

Friern Electrical Services were involved from the project start and created intricate plans for the electricals and lighting. We had 25 members of our team working alongside other contractors and the developers to ensure wiring was completed when it should be so that other parts of the job were not delayed.

-Typical construction drawing Lighting E002 and Power E005

-Typical Tender return Q2542 R1 showing how we put together/breakdown our Tenders / Quotations

– Stairwell Emergency lighting calculations

– VO 16 R & Variation Summary Sheet, Typical Variation sheets show customer how we calculate changes to works as we go along